Diplômée en relations internationales (Université de Novosibirsk), 2006

Master franco-russe de Journalisme (Centre de Formation et de Perfectionnement des Journalistes (CFPJ) de Paris – Université d’Etat Lomonossov de Moscou), 2007


FILM Who is Mr Putin?

Garry Kasparov :

Intelligence in the service of criminality.
I watched with great interest the film « Huizmisterputin » which highlights in detail the specific facts of the criminal past of Putin in St. Petersburg, as the saying goes, « passwords, secret names ».

Alexander Morozov, politologist

Why it is worth to wath the movie Who is Mr Putin. The thing is, the issue of Putin’s regime can be solved only in the case if he is deprived of any support in Europe. It must be proved that the regime is not a political, but purely criminal problem for Europe. He is a threat to Europe, not in a military sense, not political, but only as a source of corruption’s export.

Vladimir Milov, leader of « Democratic choice of Russia » party

I watchet « Who is Mr Putin ». The film is good, look it obligatory. The strong side of the film, of course – investigation off all of these trade chains, violations, the sale of raw materials through their shell companies, creating a base in Spain, specific links with crime bosses, etc. All of this in the movie is enough, and it is done quite well

Cecille Véssié, scientist, Russian studies, France, « Les réseaux du Kremlin en France », book, Paris, 2016

«The movie shows in the persuasive manner that the ascension of Putin to Russia’s presidency is explained by the union concluded since the very beginning of the 90ths between himself and his certain friends from Leningrad’s KGB with mafia groups. Supposed to carry out the transformation of the Soviet economy to market economy, his friends appropriated millions and organized money laundering in the West : Spain, France, Monaco, Lichtenstein and not only. This is the explanation, why Putin’s relations became billionaires. Obviously, this also explains their methods that they use now in order not to lose the power.



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  • Le 6/02/2013 High School of Economics, Moscow

Faculté de journalisme. Journalisme d’investigation: types, pratiques, aspects juridiques

  • le 26/04/2013 Perugia, Italie

Investigative journalisme in Putin’s Russia



  • Conférence donnée le 16 Octobre 2013 à l‘école libre de la résistance: « VVP et la Mafia de Saint Petersbourg, passé et présent » (En Russe)


« Le feu et les gens » Les grands incendies de 2010








Avec le journaliste Mikael Beketov  handicapé à la suite d’une agression. Il ne peut pas parler et peut seulement jouer aux dames. Photo par Novaya Gazeta.














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